Scorpio Horoscope August

You'll be enthused by big challenges - Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

It's a very active month where you'll vibrate with enthusiasm in a hectic and fun activity

Love: Suspicion and oddities

This month Scorpios will benefit when, on Saturday the 8th, Venus enters a water sign, Cancer, after touching the North Node. This a day you can circle in your calendar, as it will indicate the tone of your romantic relationships for the next season.

The emotional life of Scorpio will be enhanced thanks to the transit of the planet of love and desire through a water sign.

The second week, strange stories might take place within your relationship. When the moon in transit meets Uranus in Taurus, don’t be surprised if something you took for granted changes drastically. That person who made you feel safe or whom you thought was ideal for you might show their true colours and make you doubt if they’re what you thought they were.

Money: Increasing energy

There’ll still be a very active energy in the professional and work life of Scorpio this month of August.

The presence of Mercury in Leo will give you the push you need to communicate and take the leap while exhibiting a more competitive working ability than at other times of the year.

This will be an excellent month of intellectual efforts such as finishing studies, enrolling in competitions or contests which require communication skills or certain prior knowledge.

 If you’re thinking of presenting your ideas to your boss, it’s a good time for it. Your voice will be welcomed, and you’ll find yourself in fertile soil where you can sow the seeds of your new professional project.

The stars also favour work or study trips. You’ll need more movement than ever and challenges will really agree with you.

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Health: Rest 

If you are awaiting test results or health reports, you’ll have the astral favour which indicates good energies for the health of Scorpio.

Your daily life will be very active this month, due to which you should manage your ideas cleverly, respecting your moments of rest and mealtimes, so you can enjoy your vitality to the fullest.