Scorpio April on a sky background with shooting stars

Stubbornness isn't advisable - Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for April 2021

A terrible month for signing contracts and sorting out things which require diplomatic skills

Love: Be very careful

The first days of the month will be somewhat dull, with a tendency to look at your love life with melancholy and listlessness. Daily might exacerbate that unhappiness. Too much work or even some health problems could interfere with your ability to see the good things you have in your life.

Scorpio, the astral transits might make you lose your objectivity. On Monday the 5th, a conjunction between Saturn and the moon will make you feel the cold of loneliness in your soul. You’ll feel misunderstood and unhappy. The rigidity of your expression will go against you. You’re at risk of taking arguments to dangerous extremes for the unity of your relationship.

On the 15th of this month, Venus enters your area of the relationship and awaits the sun which will enter Taurus a week later, to stimulate Scorpio’s rapports. Love and sensuality are enhanced thanks to this planetary position, draining a lot of your mental and physical energy away from your duties and work.

You need to pay attention to the reactions you create in those around you. Perhaps you’re too focused on your personal needs and desires, and forget to take those of others into account.

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Money: A lot of activity

This month will tend to be very demanding at work and in your professional activities.

The opposition of Mercury might create a strong tendency towards stubbornness and pointless conversations where you’ll care more about winning than about reaching the truth.

During the second half of the month, there’ll be an energetic tendency to strongly pursue your goals while getting in the way of your own dreams due your proud reactions.

Health: Excess

Scorpio’s natural tendency to excess will be especially enhanced from the 14th of April, when several important planets start entering Taurus.

A proclivity to indulgence might cause some health problems for Scorpios, linked to gluttony and the use of harmful substances.

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