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Passion will be ever present - Scorpio Horoscope 2021

Staying focused will favour the positive development of all your affairs

Love: Your freedom will help you grow

This will be a very intense year during the first few months, Scorpio.  In January Mars, your natural regent will enter your area of relationships bringing passion, jealousy and intense love scenes.

After its journey through Taurus and Gemini, your relationship may have transformed, and you’ll have to check how you feel about it. The way things evolve depends largely on your cautious and careful attitude. You might experience a feeling of loss.

Saturn in Aquarius invites you to be more careful and mature in your dialogues and arguments, try to leave anger aside, and learn to hold your tongue and listen. If you let the start accompany your emotional life, the second half of the week will be more peaceful.

Your emotional life can be experienced in a liberating way if you let each of the parties express their individuality, this way you’ll feel liberated.

From May, Jupiter will enter the sign of Pisces for a brief period of time and might bring Scorpios an increase in romance and even pregnancies and births.

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Money: Business at home

The astral atmosphere for this year in terms of Scorpio’s professional life promises great progress, especially for those who work in technology-related areas.  Saturn in Aquarius will allow you to make progress on your tasks from home and save money on operations that were draining your budget.

Most Scorpios might feel the time has come to move house, especially during February and March, their restlessness to find a better living space will make them want to move or, at least, carry out home improvements or changes that transform your home into an ideal place.

May is the ideal month for those who want to open a business or commercial undertaking. The most important financial effects and profits won’t appear until Jupiter’s return to Pisces.

Health: Preventive care

The stars indicate the imperious need to look after your health from the basics, which is your diet. The presence of Uranus in opposition to the sun is a factor that might unleash sudden health problems.

The best way to avoid these problems will be to steer clear of fats and too much salt, sugar, and alcohol. Walking half an hour a day is a way of looking after your cardiovascular health and, regardless of your age, it’s always a good time to start doing it.

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