Scorpio Horoscope 2020

Your Scorpio Horoscope for 2020

Your Scorpio annual prediction

Love: Fire and disagreements

This won’t be an easy year for Scorpio in terms of their love life.  Although Jupiter will remain in a good cosmic aspect with regards to the sun all year long, the presence of Uranus in Taurus will keep hindering the daily peace and quiet of Scorpio.

Those who are in a committed relationship will feel deeply tired, you’ll have to infinitely argue over every idea or proposal and this will be exhausting, nothing flows naturally and you’ll have to make a great effort to find harmony.

You’ll have to change some dynamics in the way you relate to one another to find the quality of love you dream of.

If you’re single, you can rest assured that love will come into your life this year, it might not last forever though, you know that forever isn’t really your thing, Scorpio. You’re more acquainted with the pain of the end than any other sign and you know that the intensity fizzles over time. However, many steamy romances might occur throughout the year.

You’ll enjoy a very active social life which will help you meet many interesting people.

Money: Monotonous stability

If you’re awaiting changes in your professional life you won’t have many positive news during the first semester, on the contrary, boredom will probably reign over your daily life and you’ll feel like you need a break from routine, urgently.

Those who work in areas linked to communications and education will see their workload increase, speed up and they’ll live in a more dynamic and optimistic way.

During the last quarter of the year, many matters related to your professional image will start moving thanks to Mars in your area of service and Venus in the area of profession and public image. A new lucky streak will start for your with more action and dynamism. You’ll come out of your hibernation time.

Health: Time to get moving

Your health is good generally speaking, with the exception of Chiron’s presence, there aren’t many movements which could be problematic for your body.

The biggest problems could be on a psychic level. You’ll need to find a sense of self-confidence and feel stronger.

Vigorous physical activity is recommended, so long as your doctor recommends it, naturally. Through physical exercise, you’ll be able to find your hidden inner power.

Be careful with accidents, bumps, burns and domestic problems, especially between the months of June and August.