Scorpio Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Surprising opportunities - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Do you like surprises? The best situations in life rarely unfold according to plan


Be careful, Scorpio, your feelings might blow up with the strength of a volcano. Your feelings of suspicion might be stirred after a misinterpretation of a sign, and this could lead to a most misguided scene of jealousy.

You need to engage your more rational side to process your feelings, evaluate your romantic matters, try to decipher what you feel for your partner and why you tend to act so rashly and explosively. Understanding your motivations and what leads to you having incomprehensible reactions towards your beloved will be very healing for your soul and relationships.


There are some tricky days ahead where you’ll need extra money to cover unexpected expenses which will affect your budget.

Someone in your close circle, a relative or a neighbour, might offer you the chance to take on an extra job during your spare time. This may not be too stimulating, perhaps it won’t be related to your true vocation at all, but you shouldn't turn it down either way. It might be the chance to earn what you need to pay this month’s bills.

Opportunities don’t always arrive in the way you imagine, on the contrary, in the sky there is an energy of uncertainty for your sign, and you’ll have to adapt to it in order to achieve a good situation.

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Perhaps you’re feeling strange symptoms, pain that won't go away and which persists in your daily life. If could be a simple sore back, bad posture which is causing the discomfort, but at times these feelings are a sign sent by your body, telling you to pay attention to an illness which might be in its early stages.

Scorpio, if pain persists you must rule out any potential problems by consulting a doctor.