Scorpio Horoscope Thursday 2020

You'll possess the sensitivity of a saint - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, July 9, 2020

For better or for worse, your sensitivity will be heightened and you'll either touch the sky with your hands or fall hard on your face


The romantic influence of the astral configurations will increase your need for physical contact and romance.  Love is something that comes naturally to you, even when you feel you're not being generous for fear of being disappointed. The moon in Pisces inspires you to connect with your dreams and to seek emotional nurture.  Your ability to relate from an invisible spiritual code will help you overcome any misunderstandings in your love life.

Today’s planetary alignment shows that love is an inner state which connects you with the joy of life and positive vibrations. The moon joins Neptune, increasing your sensitivity, Scorpio.

Listen to your intense heartbeat and open up to what’s coming, especially if you’re single.


Today you feel like an adventurer ready to travel to distant lands in search of good fortune and, if you’re trying to achieve greater proficiency in foreign languages, today’s a great day to test what you’ve learned so far.

Opening up to new work or professional experiences will fill you with energy and satisfaction. Making new connections can open professional doors for you. You might even achieve one of your dreams without even trying.


You’ll try to take life less seriously. Every time you think of the past or grieve over the things that didn’t turn out the way you imagined you’re wasting energy.

This tendency caused by Neptune’s position could weaken you and bring up unresolved emotional issues which you could try to fix through a floral therapy.

Bach flower essences are a very positive and effective alternative therapy with people with your kind of sensitivity.  They improve many emotional and physical symptoms and help you get rid of the blocks which are characteristic of your sign.