The sign of Scorpio in half a purple circle

Observe reality before you act - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Exercising will be essential for you to have good energy levels


It’s a special day for Scorpio’s matters of the heart. The moon in the neighbouring sign of Libra can increase the doubts and fears in the hearts of Scorpio. It’s likely for these feelings to be rooted on an unrealistic sense of insecurity. Many go through life tied down by childhood grief or by the problems originated from their family history which might still live within you due to an emotional identification.

Before you react, you should know the consequences your mistrust can have on your relationship. No one is free from mistakes and if you get ahead of yourself you might ruin a relationship that means a lot to you.

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This Wednesday, Scorpio’s professional matters will enjoy good fortune brought by the planets in fire elements.

Mars is positioned in a good astral relation and invokes the entrepreneurial strength you have within you, so you can carry out all the necessary actions to come closer to your dreams.

Those who are currently unemployed will be tempted to take a path which differs from the norm. A new activity where you can show your gallantry and courage awaits you. You’ll be strong and quick, and you’ll awaken admiration in those who know you.


You’ll be starting a cycle where you’ll receive the vitality of Mars in Aries, which won’t go by your area of health for another two days. For this reason, you can take all of this planet’s strength to change the way in which you look after yourself.

If you practice sports, this is the best moment for you, don’t let it pass you by. Your productivity depends on the attitude with which you face every day when you wake up.

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