Scorpio Friday on a sky background with shooting stars

When there is love, differences are irrelevant - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, April 9, 2021

Venus from Aries keeps bringing you professional opportunities and happy surprises at work


Friday is finally here, and most Scorpios feel the relief of their approaching rest and free time.

The astral energy promises romantic moments and extreme tenderness. Spending time with your partner will be one of the best options for this Friday. If you’re in a budding relationship, we foresee a favourable tendency to make this romantic bond progress.

If you’re single, this Friday you’re likely to meet someone older or younger, with whom you’ll establish a very intense emotional bond. Scorpio, this person is very likely to be linked to your job or professional activity.


The stars indicate you’re going down the right path. There’s an energy tendency which favours Scorpios, especially those born in the third decan, who receive the positive influence of Venus in Aries.

You’re very likely to have more work than usual, to feel that you don’t have enough time to fulfil all of your duties. Your routine gets mixed with new professional situations.

This Friday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 20. This is a very kind number in its meaning, as it refers to the efficiency of your efforts, when you give yourself with positive energy. You’re going through a moment of change and renovation which will bring great and pleasant surprises.


The health problems you have right now are closely linked to past emotional problems. You might feel too much burden on your heart, that you’re alone on some matters in your private life, and that you struggle to share your feelings.

Certain aches, such as tension in your shoulders, headaches and pain in your neck can be solved if you do some stretching exercises a few minutes a day.

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