Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday 2020

There'll be nothing but pleasure in love - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The stars will bring passionate encounters to your love life which will make you touch the sky with your hands


For Scorpio, this Tuesday’s astral energy promises steamy sexual encounters.  Intense and suggestive glances can lead to furtive encounters you could never have imagined and that you’re not prepared for.

You won’t have to worry about the details, everything will go unnoticed if you focus your attention on the amazing and steamy feelings created by the intimate touch of that person.

You shouldn't accept moral judgements from anyone.  Just walk your path with your eye on the future. You’re too kind with your people, your friendship is bulletproof and your love unconditional and this will be acknowledged by those who know you and respect your choices.


It’s a tricky day if you let the Martian energy turn you into a rude person. Perhaps the discomfort you feel is linked to the envy some colleagues feel towards you and your abilities.

Who wouldn't want to have your charisma and charm?  You must wait a few days to let the bad disposition of some dissipate, and so you can work in peace. Don’t despair, Scorpio.

If you're one of those who are currently unemployed, you have the help of the stars to find your place in the business world. Perhaps the time has come to create your own business. You wouldn’t be ordered around, and you’d be able to deploy all of your creativity in your own way, without restrictions. You’ll take the day to evaluate this possibility. A female relative might support you.

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This Tuesday asks you to be responsible with your personal care habits and to not leave any detail up to chance. Your diet, hygiene and rest are essential to keep your immune system in good conditions. There will be intense days where you’ll have to save up all of your inner power.

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