The Scorpio sign

Promising negotiations - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, March 8, 2021

The astral energy favours starting negotiations which might bring greater abundance


Not getting dragged down by their explosive mood will be a great challenge for Scorpios. Jealousy and tension in your relationship, plus your partner’s terrible listening disposition could make this Monday one that you’ll want to forget.

If you follow your true feelings rather than letting your wounded pride take precedence, everything will be better. Creating a space of respectful silence can also give great results if you live together with your partner. Seeking refuge in watching a film together or having dinner without going into any tricky subjects will let the dust settle and help smooth things over.

If you’re seeking a new love, you’ll have to make sure you’ve llet go of the previous one, otherwise it will follow you around like the shadow of a ghost, not letting you be happy.

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If you’re expecting to close a business deal, things will go very well, although perhaps not as speedily as you’d like.

It’s important for your self-esteem that you feel you’re fulfilling your duties, while also feeling comfortable with the way you work. You’ll want to make changes at work and some people who want to preserve the status quo might not take kindly to this. It’s easy for you to follow Uranus’s influence in opposition to your sun and seek activities which are stimulating for your mind. Boredom isn’t a good companion for those who are very smart.


Anxiety could cause several health problems, for this reason it would be good if you activated your energy by exercising at least one hour a day. Walking, running, cycling, swimming or doing yoga are great ways of relieving stress.

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