Achieving peace will be essential - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, January 8, 2021

Careful! Taking the road less travelled in the area of investments might cost you dearly


The moon has been in your sign since yesterday, but today will be form part of a tense aspect with Uranus, and this isn't easy to go through.

You might feel great confusion. You won’t know what you want nor will you feel your partner’s posture in the relationship is very clear. Emotional relationships might cause problems for you, you need to think well before you act, as problems might increase if you don’t handle yourself carefully.

Many Scorpios who are married will want distance and change. It might be genuine; however, you shouldn’t rush into things.

Scorpio, an unexpected event might result in a change of direction in life of historical proportions.

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Most of the day you’ll be in an impossible mood. Nerves will play a bad trick on you if you let them overcome you.

It’s time for calm, to find an inner state that opens a new time for you. Don’t jump into situations as this isn’t a time to make decisions but a time to think.

Waiting for replies regarding financial matters won’t be easy for you on this very intense day. The moon in a good aspect with Mercury brings great business ideas which you should note down on paper.

If you have to talk to your boss this is an ideal day but remember the role each one plays in your company. Don’t lose yourself in heated explanations regarding your point of view on a problem. Otherwise, you might lose more than you imagine.


Many will be affected by the moon in your sign.  Most of the day you’ll feel digestive discomfort due to anxiety and mood fluctuations. Swimming, touching water, taking a good bath, could do a world of good for your wellbeing.

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