Scorpio Horoscope for Monday on a universe background

Enjoy the feeling of camaraderie - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, February 8, 2021

You have the necessary willpower to overcome all difficulties and oppositions that might arise


This Monday the week begins with a beautiful astral energy that favours Scorpio’s rapport with their siblings or close friends. You’re likely to have felt that someone very dear to you was being distant towards or annoyed at you, and today you’ll corroborate that this was nothing but your perception. You’ll be incredibly relieved, Scorpio. You wouldn’t want to be in trouble with anyone, least of all with those that are near and dear to you.

If you’re single, you must know that those who disappointed you are in the past and that they’ve left you with important lessons so you can choose wisely and intuitively those people you share your energy with.

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  • A new week starts today! Make sure you read your Weekly Horoscope!


A confusing situation might disrupt your professional rapport. It will be essential that you focus on your work and stop paying attention to other people’s opinions.

If you’ve been unemployed, or have feared losing your job, everything will start quieting down and you’ll find some stability in this sense.

Many of your problems will be left behind, your material losses will be minimal compared to your forecast. Many Scorpios will feel they’ve survived the most intense collapse of their lives.

This Monday’s lucky number for the children of Pluto is 13. This number which is so feared doesn’t speak so much of bad luck but, rather of change and revolution. You’re about to start a new professional path and you’ll have to make a huge effort to prove your worth. You shouldn’t let yourself be defeated by the small problems which will arise.


The health of Scorpios will be good overall. Avoiding excess will be essential. If you’re going to be driving, then you shouldn’t drink. Fatigue and alcohol are a bad combo.

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