Scorpio Horoscope Saturday 2020

Having a peaceful home will depend on your attitude - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, August 8, 2020

The stars indicate a crisis in your personal life, which you'll have to balance smartly


There’ll be some disagreements at home regarding daily life matters, Scorpio. The presence of the moon in a tense aspect with Chiron, and the black moon, will lead to situations which could be avoided if you listened to any complaints which might arise, without reacting, however hard this is.

When the sun shows these configurations, it tends to coincide with moments of crisis at Scorpio’s home. There are many frustrations in your cohabitation which could be avoided if you had proactive chats where each party was willing to cooperate, leaving competitiveness or grudges aside. Selfishness can wreak havoc on relationships.


You might go through a period where the tension in your professional life might overwhelm you.  Your patience is at its end and, for this reason, it would be good if you could put a pin on your professional mattes this Saturday.

For many, the stars indicate the beginning of a new professional phase where their ability to take risks or tackle tasks or techniques they’re not entirely proficient in is put to the test, which will spark fear of failure, or of making mistakes.

Many might be facing financial loss. It could be an expense they didn’t budget for and which has gone awry in the occasion.

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Today the stars indicate you’ll be in good health, although prone to problems arising from bad management of your available energy.

If you’re battling an illness, the symptoms are likely to improve a lot, which will make you overexert yourself. Keep looking after yourself in order to recover fully.