Scorpio Thursday on a sky background with shooting stars

You'll understand the importance of sweetness - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, April 8, 2021

It's a great time to change the way you show your love


The moon has entered the sign of Pisces and this is a place which benefits Scorpios. Your spirit becomes softer and your heart beats to the rhythm of passion.

This will be a great day where you find living with your partner and nurturing the love you have very easy. If something isn’t working between you, you’ll find it easy to talk and reach an agreement.

If you’re single, the astral movements give you unusual sweetness. You’ll possess a special sensitivity and kind demeanour which will attract someone with whom you might start a relationship.


Jupiter in tension with the sun of those born under Scorpio manifests in different ways, but one of them is excessive overconfidence. You might be going through a period where you’ll feel infallible and your good fortune might support this notion, but you’re not a hero, nor do you have a magic wand.

If you want to take some financial risks, this is a good time for it, but it wouldn’t go amiss to check some aspects before you throw yourself in headfirst.

If you’re looking or a new job, this is the perfect day to attend job interviews and send emails. You’ll be one of the favourites from all the attending.

Your aura will be irresistible, and your characteristics and skills will be the perfect fit for that dreamy position.


The stars favour matters linked to the health of Scorpio. Most of this Thursday’s discomfort might be caused by fatigue and your imagination. Don’t fuel your fears with negative and catastrophic ideas. Wait to have an official diagnosis, instead of fearing the worst.

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