Scorpio Horoscope Monday 2020

Financial benefits and pleasant loves - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, September 7, 2020

Today's astral configurations will benefit you in many aspects of your private and financial life


The moon opposes your sun, Scorpio, therefore you’ll be more sensitive than usual, and you’ll need extra attention from your loved ones.  You wish the weekend wasn't over.

You’ll wish the love you feel was appreciated by your partner and that they’d express their feelings physically through cuddles or passionate kisses, words won’t be enough today.

Fortunately, your partner will give you all their good energy, sharing the best of themselves with you.

If you're single, you shouldn’t lock yourself up at home this Monday, otherwise melancholy might take over your soul. Going out for a coffee or for a wander will do you good. You’ll end up having a great day.


The presence of Venus, the goddess of desire, in your area pertaining to work might strongly support your professional growth. It’s an excellent moment to express yourself, show how much you have to offer and how much you could learn if given the room to develop.

Of course, it’s hard to avoid incessant rumours when your boss or a special client invite you to an event or meeting.  Don’t be demoralized because of mediocre people who don’t value you. Working without giving it your all will be wasting a unique opportunity. Sometimes postponing is the best thing you can do, but this isn’t the case for the current energy. You must face your enemies ignoring anything that comes from them.

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Scorpio, you’ll be going through a very demanding day, both physically and mentally.  You might feel like you can't cope with everything, however, you’ll achieve all your goals. It’s important that you eat well and go to bed early to look after your health.

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