Scorpio Horoscope Saturday 2020

Ignore malicious criticism - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, November 7, 2020

No one can really know your true motivations, so pay no mind to gossip


The moon in Leo brings unpleasant situations for Scorpios who need some privacy in order to express their feelings and give free rein to your emotional needs.

In your sex life you’re likely to feel your partner isn't responding correctly and that your doubts regarding your ability to express desire and affection increase.

Those born in the third decan might have to choose between being true to their feelings or following the mandates of the society they're a part of. You’ll experience the pain of being judged by your behaviour.


You're one of those who have a responsible attitude at work or in your profession, you’ll receive recognition for your ability to overcome adversity. Applause and praise won’t be enough, you’ll want a tangible stimulus, a financial reward, Scorpio.

You might feel proud to be admired by those who know your professional trajectory. Although perhaps it doesn't match your childhood dreams. Perhaps you wanted something more, a better job, or more knowledge, but this pessimism won’t take you anywhere. Acknowledge what you have and how much you've achieved, thanks to this you are where you are right now.

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Your outlook in life will make you somewhat introspective. You’ll feel there’s no way to change without some introspection. Silence and spending time with yourself will be the perfect way to grow. You are who you are and each day that passes you can get to know yourself better as a whole.

Your positive spirit and taking the small problems of daily life in your stride will be essential for your health.