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Your Scorpio Horoscope for January 7th

Your Scorpio prediction for Saturday, January 7th, 2023

Scorpio, the Daily Horoscope will tell you about the importance of forgiveness and second chances in love, read on and find out!


Scorpio, your romantic relationship is going well. After dodging some dangerous obstacles, you feel fulfilled. Crises can bring couples together, believe it or not.

And you're a clear example of this. The blame has definitely disappeared.

You've developed an enviable capacity for forgiveness. Congratulations!

If you're single, you'll consider giving somebody another chance. You've realized that you've lost your love because of foolish anger. You need to move on as soon as possible.

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Choose a good rate for international calls. Scorpio, since somebody you're close to went to live abroad, your phone bill has increased.

You should improve the conditions of your contract to chat without hurting your budget.

If you've participated in games of chance, fortune will smile on you. Check your combinations, because they'll be among the winning ones.


Scorpio, your partner isn't fulfilling their obligations. You've wanted to be prudent and wait to see a change of attitude, but you can't take it anymore.

If you think they don't fit the profile they've been entrusted with, you should redefine their obligations. Talk to them about it and try to reach an amicable agreement.

You might even take a load off their shoulders.  


Somebody wants to become a close friend in a short time. Scorpio, alarms will go off when you detect it. You have powerful intuition, and you'll take care to stay away from them.


The Scorpio Horoscope hints that a change in your medication could interfere with your driving. Maybe you've noticed yourself getting a little drowsy behind the wheel.

If so, don't take it lightly. Ask your doctor if some of your treatments can alter your performance. A lapse in concentration on the road can be dangerous. Be very careful.