The Scorpio sign with a purple background

Enjoy new things - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, January 7, 2021

A wake up call from destiny might remind you of the importance of feeling good


You might change some aspects of your emotional life and start seeking more structure and sincerity.  You’ll want to have safety and less trivial conversations.

You’re going through a transformation in your romantic life, learning to connect in a way that is more in line with your current nature might be tricky. You’re not the same but you also don’t know the best way to keep moving forward. Changing is never easy. You’ve chosen to change many aspects of your relationship and now you’ll feel the need for a more stable bond.

If you’re looking for romance, it’s time to dare step out of your comfort zone, of your usual social environments, you might meet someone very different from what you’re used to, and to enjoy a serene and pleasant relationship.

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Scorpio, if you’re dealing with the difficulty of unemployment, you might have to do a 180 degree turn and generate a more profitable activity which you can do from home. Don’t despair, you’ll soon have a very good idea.

You’re very skilled at developing strategies and many people admire your ability to regenerate, and for this reason you might have the support of a very important person. The stars indicate a good energy disposition for those who wish to find business partners or people who finance business plans.

This Thursday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 3. This is a very interesting number which encourages you to be very creative and willing to collaborate with others with a common goal.


If you want to look after your body, you can stimulate your system by exercising daily.  Your metabolism will be activated, and you’ll feel that all your body responds well in the face of the daily demands. Walking, riding a bike or running through the park are activities which don’t depend on anyone but you. You’ll gain health and your wellbeing will be optimal.

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