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You'll want the collaboration of your nearest and dearest - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, February 7, 2021

Today you should be careful while you eat, check the size of your portions and the atmosphere where you have your meals


This Sunday, your emotional matters will be intense and controversial. Scorpio’s eyes will be turned towards their home as the centre of action. Most of your worries will revolve around your family. You’ve had to take the responsibility of looking after many matters and you might be feeling overwhelmed. You carry a heavy burden on your shoulders.

For many this will be a time where they’ll have to take on a leadership role they don’t feel ready for.

If you’re looking for love, don’t push situations that could lead to a relationship, just let time do its thing and focus your attention on your nearest and dearest. Be patient.

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There will be a financial situation that will require you to keep a level head in order to choose the path to follow.

Your financial situation isn’t that bad. Of course, you have some problems, but they’re not that overwhelming. Money can’t buy happiness; therefore, you must learn to value your life as it is right now, in order to make a good balance of it.

This Sunday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 14. This number speaks of harmony, of the importance of balance in all things in order to achieve prosperity. Your chances increase if you can be flexible, this way you’ll be able to achieve success.


Looking after your digestion will be essential for your health.  This Sunday is tricky for Scorpios, especially those who love a good meal and get carried away by the temptation of a good wine.

The problems around you can lead to drama during meals, arguments or conflicts which could affect your wellbeing. The words you hear or say are also food Try to have your meals in a calm environment and chew every bite thoroughly.

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