The Scorpio sign

You can't run from yourself - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, December 7, 2020

Take the cleansing energy of the moon in Virgo to leave behind that which is no longer useful


If you’ve had great revelations regarding your nature over the last few days, you’ll need to let your inner wisdom dictate, and to leave all fears and feelings of defectiveness behind.

The defects you’re trying to change come back so you can observe them, they’re a part of you, Scorpio, so denying them is useless.

The moon in Virgo will help you clean some areas of your heart in order to lighten the weight of the past.  Those who love you will help you overcome your inner conflicts and will understand the problems in your way of expressing yourself.

Today’s prediction shows great possibilities of finding in someone from your past the tools you need to help you sort out the doubts that reside in your heart.

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The week starts with a lot of favourable energy in terms of your finances, Scorpio. You’ll be able to face the consequences of your actions courageously, and from there you’ll derive new opportunities.

From all the sings, Scorpio will be one of the most favoured by the available astral energy right now. Venus in your sign and the sun in your area of money will bring options you had never even dreamed of before.

Seize the opportunities which arise throughout the day. There’s much you can do for your financial life today.

If you’re waiting to hear about an available job, it might be the perfect day to receive a positive answer.

Don’t let the problems in your company and surroundings cloud your particular view of reality.


If you’ve been feeling unwell, the symptoms you felt or the health problems you’d been dragging will start improving thanks to Mars, which generates a lot of vitality and positive energy.

You’ll receive important news regarding self-care routines to put into place, thanks to the moon in Virgo.

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