Scorpio Horoscope Sunday 2020

Take a bath of positive energy - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, September 6, 2020

The bad energy that surround you will demand an effort to counteract it, give yourself some love and light


You're likely to have to participate in a situation or meeting with relatives or acquaintances where you’ll be criticised or mistreated. But you can’t allow yourself to waste your energy, Scorpio. You need all of your strength to make your wishes come true and all of your energy to keep your loved ones and your family united.

Keep going with your eye on the future. Your characteristic way of helping those you love, your bulletproof friendship, your unconditional love, these things are known to those around you and, for this reason, you’ll receive support and comfort.

Scorpios who are currently single might feel overwhelmed by gossip among their friends regarding their romantic life. Your relationships are your business, and no one should meddle in your personal life.


Today the stars ask you to slow down. This constant thinking about professional matters isn’t good for you. You must rest your head at least once a week, and the energy must rest so you can face your duties better.

You shouldn’t even think of money or work this Sunday. If you can put everything on hold, you’ll see the results reflected on your productivity during the week.

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Some people in your family environment tend to have heavy and conflictive energies. The envy they feel and the way they behave towards family relations is very unpleasant, but the worst part is that it overwhelms you and harms your good energy. The energetic cleanse of your aura is sure to help. Take a hot bath with sea salt and rosemary, jasmine and lemon essential oils. A very efficient formula against envy and the evil eye.

Look for ways to protect yourself. You can mop the floor of your house with vinegar or do an egg cleanse. But get rid of those malevolent energies today. You’ll feel like a new person.

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