Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Follow a hunch - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Keeping your individuality is important apart from the wellbeing you derive from your relationship


If you follow your hunches, you’ll find a great solution to your romantic problems, Scorpio. It’s been a while since you had time on your schedule for your friends and loved ones and sharing moments with someone who’s known you all your life can help placate the sadness hidden within your heart.

If you harbour feelings deep within your soul, something you thought you were over might come to light, showing that it requires more attention on your part.

Your sex life is important this Tuesday, through intimacy with your partner you will feel loved and supported, but careful, Scorpio, remember the importance of protecting your individuality. Symbiotic relationships are dangerous.


This Tuesday the children of Pluto can experience material losses. Being on your guard can help you avoid a snatching or the theft of an object of great value for you.

In terms of your professional life, it’s a complicated day for you, Scorpio, you’ll have to make a great effort to demonstrate your ability and suitability for a job or new position. You have everything to give the best of yourself, but you’ve entered a phase where you doubt yourself and that’s something that is transmitted.

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In terms of your health today the stars show certain difficulties and whether it is a perfect or a lousy day will be dependent upon your attitude.

Saturn is demanding a change of mindset, more responsibility and less getting carried away by your desires and impulses.  Permissive behaviours when it comes to bad habits such as smoking or consumption of alcohol, sugar and pastries is reflected upon your skin, making you look emaciated or even a lot older than you are.

You’ll receive information about new diets which can improve your skin. You wouldn’t believe how easy being healthy can be.

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