Scorpio Horoscope Friday 2020

Seek stability in order to avoid losses - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, November 6, 2020

You'll enjoy happy times which increase your inner wealth and improve your health in every aspect


Today the stars are on your side, Scorpio, and they bring very beneficial energies for all love-related matters and emotional bonds for your sign.

Scorpio, if you’re in a relationship, new commitments might arise to tackle plans that would benefit the whole family: planning a move to another neighbourhood, planning a trip to the mountains, these things can be very enriching.

If you’re single, you finally see the love you want with that person you’ve dreamt of having an epic romance with, but be careful with secret romances, a very indiscreet can get you into a pickle.


This Friday the stars indicate good opportunities for your sign, especially for those born in the second decan, who are going through their best moment of the year, receiving all the brilliance and energy of the sun.

You shouldn’t get carried away by anguish or worry over matters that don’t affect you directly, but which affect people around you. Your low spirits affect your progress more than you think you’re the kind of person who emits a strong vibe around them and, for this reason, you meed t be especially careful to ensure your energy is positive.

It’s important to avoid big changes in your financial life. You should never fall into the temptation of making an investment which promises magical benefits, otherwise you’ll regret it.

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But there’s more than restrictions in your pursuit of good health. It’s important for you to have fun, to relax your mind with games and books, and to laugh until you cry with your loved ones, these are essential things. This way you generate positive hormones, substances that naturally improve your health.