The Scorpio sign surrounded by stars

Everything comes back, good and bad - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, March 6, 2021

Past actions will have very revealing consequences for you, you'll feel the effects of karma like you never have before


Scorpio, thanks to the presence of Venus in Pisces, you’ll feel that you and your partner will support each other mutually and truly, for this reason, the way you communicate with your beloved will be refined and will turn into a gentle caress for your heart. You know how to give and receive love, and your partner will understand you and will probably cooperate with you on matters linked to your domestic finances.

Everything, the good and the bad you’ve given today, will come back to you in strength, and you’ll strongly feel the effects of Karma this Saturday.

Scorpios who are single will have the opportunity to enjoy a a fleeting romance which you won’t forget easily, a unique love story which won’t go unnoticed.

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Uranus will bring transcendental changes for Scorpios who are in a business partnership.  You might discover that your ability to speedily handle your responses when negotiating is more important than ever.

You’ll have to handle things differently than usual, and you’ll throw off those who work on a project with you. A good idea will leave you in a leadership position with your colleagues.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 86, this number invites you to give a spiritual layer to your ideas about money and, this way, you’ll get rid of all worries and fear. If you raise your awareness and trust in your personal power, new professional paths will open up for you.


The stars show a tendency to suffer water retention, this will cause swelling in your extremities. Especially your ankles and hands might feel uncomfortable.

Perhaps you need to reduce your sodium intake, and drink clean water with lemon juice, use parsley to season your meals and exercise your body.

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