The sign of Scorpio in half a purple circle

Disturbing news - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The three wise men will give you willpower and energy to achieve your goals


There might be a conflict or problem in your personal life which will impact you on an emotional level, one way or another. Perhaps someone around you is going through a rough patch and you can’t be there for them the way you’d like to.

There’ll be bad news and your heart might be disturbed when you come into contact with that person’s reality and current struggles.

The stars indicate many configurations that will affect your outlook on matters linked to your relationship. Mars is affecting those born in the first decan and they might experience some tension in this area of their lives. Scorpio, the best thing will be to do things together that fill you with enthusiasm, so you can redirect the Martian energy in a positive way.

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There’ll be very encouraging news for al those who are developing a business idea. You might start planning more meticulously the details for undertakings you have had in mind for a while.

The stars show a very positive predisposition when it comes to organizing structural matters thanks to the action of Mercury in Capricorn, in a good aspect with your regent, Pluto.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 11. This number is very powerful, known as one of the master numbers, it will come into your life today to help you discover the power of action that lies within you. In the Tarot it represents the arcane “Strength”, for this reason it gives you the courage you need to achieve your goals.


Your metabolism is more important than you think, Scorpio. The thyroid, spleen, thymus and pituitary gland, among others, are a team that works together. They’re part of your immune system and they play a key role in your wellbeing. If you feel something isn’t well within you, you shouldn't immediately assume it’s caused by anxiety. Consult a doctor.

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