The sign of Scorpio with a purple starred background

You'll experience peaceful moments - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, December 6, 2020

Small gestures of affection can make this a great day to enjoy wholeheartedly


For many it will be a fantastic day, so long as you can acknowledge the love within your hearts. Time doesn’t exist for your soul, for this reason you’ll have to love without thinking of anything which interrupts your heart’s flow, just offer your feelings without expecting anything in exchange. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you have; it might be one with no strings attached, the important thing is to acknowledge how you loved in the past, and what you’ve lost.

Scorpio, if you’re married, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of domestic life, and the familiar company of your spouse. Tidying up your living room, watching a nice film or doing some gardening are some small adventures which you can share.

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This Sunday, many Scorpios will be surprised by an unpleasant financial situation. You’re likely to miss all chances of getting something you like, because you won’t have the necessary funds.

Convenient opportunities often arise, but this is a special case, and you’ll regret not having the necessary funds.

Today’s lucky number is 44. This number is the indication of a positive vibe regarding your sign’s material matters. Your hard work will yield the expected results, bringing you great satisfactions.


Today you might feel some discomfort in your eyes, due to which you should avoid using your phone and computer. Rest your eyes. Do exercises gently covering your eyes with your palms, keeping your eyes closed, and rotating them in every direction. If you can go out for a walk and stare into the horizon, you’ll feel great, and you’ll give your eyes the rest they need.

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