Scorpio Horoscope Thursday 2020

Relationships become stronger - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, August 6, 2020

A reunion or social event could strengthen your relationship, even if it's a budding one


Those who are starting a relationship will receive an invitation to a social event which will give them the feeling of belonging they needed to solidify the relationship.

The moon in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces in an ideal aspect with your sun promotes a feeling of nostalgia or a longing for epic romance, Scorpio. Perhaps you’re expecting heroic deeds worthy of a fairy tale from your partner, but not everyone shares your perspective on love and honour. You’d want to elevate your romantic life and it turns out that your beloved talks of nothing other than practical and commonplace matters, taking away all the romance from the relationship.

If you’re single, you might lose the enthusiasm you had for a date or an encounter.  You’ve gone through very taxing experiences in your love life and this is wreaking havoc on your desire of meeting potential love interests.


You might be going through a day of fatigue, you’d want to run over the hills and far away to catch some air, and perhaps you could organize a little getaway for the weekend. At times you stop enjoying life because you prioritize duties or commitments with third parties which aren't your first priority, so it’s likely that the time has come to start leaving aside anything that isn’t essential in order to pay more attention to your needs.

For many it will be a magical day, but it will be a very active one, which will require their focus and grit.

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This Thursday Scorpios will feel their physical health is better than expected. In spite of being strained in your daily routine, your body will respond wonderfully to all the choices you make to look after yourself.