Scorpio Tuesday on a sky background with shooting stars

Unexpected trips bring abundance - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, April 6, 2021

You'll enjoy good moments at work thanks to the planetary transits in Aries


This Tuesday you’ll have to learn to deal with a bleak atmosphere at home. The situations arising in your family or at home aren’t entirely happy or, at least, they don’t help you feel joy or satisfaction.

Many will feel someone very dear will be emotionally, or even physically, distant, and this prevents the development of your rapport.

Rapports with people from other generations might get frosty and make it clear that you must make an effort to understand the motivations that come with their age. Whether you’re the younger or the elder in this conflict, putting yourself in the other person’s position is always a really good solutions to breach the distance.

Love matters might fall to the background in the face of the demands from other important matters in your life, Scorpio.

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It might be a fantastic day in the professional life of many Scorpios, who will receive rewards for their good performance in the company where they work.

Mercury in Aries promotes business or work trips. There are short or mid-distance trips which could be very stimulating, although they might take you by surprise and you’ll have to pack your bags with very little notice.

This Tuesday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 16. Although this number is linked to chaos and problems, it also indicates the possibility of doing a quantum leap in the material matters in your life and start a different path of progress and prosperity.


Today we observe planetary alignments which favour starting small routines to improve your face and the way you look after your skin. Perhaps a new eye cream, or exfoliating treatment, or a new moisturiser will come into your hands.

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