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Jealousy does not lead to understanding - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Despite feeling overwhelmed by a very active and stressful wee, your health will be very good and stable


Wake up Scorpio!  This Tuesday you’ll have to be on your guard, or you’ll lose your most valuable treasure, and there’ll be no one to blame but you.

A seductive glance might capture your partner’s attention and make you wast time entangled in jealousy and arguments.

The moon in Libra inclines many people to want to feel desired, it might sound silly, but for many, seduction is an art they struggle to master. Today someone you desire with all your heart will try to woo a third party, and this can become a nightmare for you if you take it to heart.

If you're single, you shouldn't get carried away by the desire to tru and find love in someone who is already in a relationship. You’d be getting yourself into some serious trouble.

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This Tuesday, Scorpios who work in matters which require a refined sense of aesthetics will benefit from the astral configurations. Harmony and beauty will be their most powerful tools, and their desire to triumph their greatest and most efficient drive.

It’s a day of joy for many, who will feel advancing in their projects becomes a little easier each day. The desire to escape routine can slow down your progress, so don’t waste your energy and pay great attention to the details. This way you’ll avoid setbacks, and you’ll move towards your goals this Tuesday.

Money won’t be an easy matter this Tuesday, on the contrary, you might have to ask for help, but it won’t be for long, don't worry.


You’ll have good levels of energy this Tuesday, so your physical wellbeing is ensured. If you’re currently battling an illness, healing will come thanks to the good energy of Mars, which gives you its unparalleled vitality.

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