Scorpio Horoscope Friday 2020

You are the maker of your own destiny - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, September 4, 2020

The stars indicate the best way for you to go, but you are the one who must walk the path. Pay attention to the signs...


The moon joins the planetoid Chiron, and, for Scorpio, this translates into a greater need to look after your individual needs. Perhaps you’ve spent too long focusing on what’s important for your partner and putting your priorities on hold. You may have given yourself little time to cultivate your romantic relationships due to your family’s growing needs.

It doesn’t matter how you have been experiencing this energy, the important thing is that, starting today, you must ask yourself which of your desires you’ve been leaving on the back burner to meet the duties created for you by some of your loved ones.

You must close your eyes, visualize what you truly want and start heading towards it with the passion brought to you by the energy of fire.

If you're single, the best thing you can do during this moment of your life is spending time with friends you trust, Scorpio, seek out those you know won’t judge the way you feel.


For Scorpio, this first Friday of September might show a lot of movement in their professional life which won’t allow them to catch a break.

Scorpios are very intelligent and witty and know how to protect themselves from enemy attacks, however, today you might feel you’re unprotected when facing a situation which overwhelms you and in which there’s little you can do.

Take a breath and leave all your worries in the hands of the universe. What you can do is fulfil your duties and be honest. All the rest is out of your hands.

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Today Scorpios receive an energy flow which might weaken their physical body. Headaches and migraines are a given this Friday. Look after your eyesight and drink plenty of fluids to prevent any discomfort.