The Scorpio sign with a purple background

You might be more affectionate than you think - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, March 4, 2021

You'll be able to show what you feel once you can tear down all the facades that make you appear harder


The moon in your sign pushes you to show a side of your personality which might hurt a loved one.  Sharp words and hurtful phrases are nor the best tool to bring you closer to someone.

When it comes to domestic or family matters, you’ll be self-sufficient and, at the same time you might be annoyed if you notice that others don’t pull their weight. Today you need to make the time to observe and listen to yourself. You’ll have to balance your attitude and have a more balanced behaviour.

If you want to receive more affection and be understood, you must give your love to others without so much distrust or resentment.

You’re very loving when you tear down the icy and venomous facade. Remember that your loved ones and partner enjoy spending time by your side.

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You’ll feel your ability to connect with the needs around you is strengthened by the good astral aspect between your regent, Pluto, and Neptune, which favours proper customer service.

This Thursday you have great chances of being recognized because of your ability to adapt to unpredictable situations. You’ll find it easy to rise up to any challenges you have to face.

This Thursday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 101. This magical number gives you cosmic strength to achieve all of your soul’s goals. If your ego gets in the way you’ll feel the opposition of the Cosmos;  let go of the notion that everything has to be done your way. You’ll see many aspects of your material life resurface.


If you feel you’re being affected by low levels of energy, today you’ll be able to take the boost the stars offer you and take nature’s good vibes to balance the energy of your body.

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