Scorpio Horoscope Saturday 2020

Dialogue favours romance and complicity - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, July 4, 2020

The moon brings great exchanges of ideas and, at last, you'll be able to understand the motives of that person you love dearly


Your skill in the bedroom will manifest more than ever before, Scorpio.  You’ll be happy to see you’ve managed to climb another step in the pursuit of sexual alchemy. You’ll feel the link between your beloved’s body and heaven. It’s not a mere physical situation, all of your energy will be involved and for this reason you’ll achieve immense satisfaction.

Scorpio, the moon in the peaceful and conservative sign of Capricorn benefits you, making emotional communication with your partner easier.

If you’re one of the children of Pluto who’s going through a rough patch, don’t worry: new channels of understanding will open up for you.


You might be planning a new business project with partners or friends which is keeping you on your toes.  There are many things yet to sort out in this association, and your distrusting tendency can ruin the atmosphere of happiness and hope which is currently set over your joint work.

Take a break and think of the reasons you have that strange feeling of fear, this will help you sort out your ideas and place each perception in the right place.

If you're employed, it might be the time to write a letter to the powers that be suggesting a change that you’ve been thinking about for a while. There's a lot of energy which favours being listened to intently.


Headaches and migraines are typical in days like today, where you allow dark thoughts to invade your mind.  Fear and need to control everything create this annoying interference, Scorpio.

Your physical health has the protection of Mars, which revitalises you and gives you a lot of energy. Relaxing and learning to focus that stream of vitality through focused breathing would be great.