The Scorpio sign

You'll see abundance arrive to your home - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, January 4, 2021

The presence of Jupiter bringing good look to your domestic life will be felt in the small details


The stars create new romantic patterns for Scorpios. A wonderful energy in the neighbouring sign of Sagittarius brings a new wind of confidence into your life, but it’s not baseless optimism but, rather, an orderly point of view on the way you should make changes in order to improve your daily life and make it happier and harmonious with little resources, just valuing what you have right now.

Most Scorpios who are in a relationship will be able to sort out long-standing feuds thanks to the presence of Jupiter in the area pertaining the home.

Saturn in Aquarius gives you a very responsible and centred vision of many matters that had been worrying you for a while.

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It’s a great day for Scorpio’s finances. Scorpio manages the energy of abundance in a very unconventional way. It’s the ability to discover the value of a flower in the middle of the mud, you know when something can be reformed: a property, an old piece of furniture, a pop art article can be worth more as a relic when you apply your upcycling skills to it. You’re an ace of upcycling and, today, you’ll receive a surprise about it. Hone your eyesight and move forward without fear.

If you’re unemployed, all of your financial matters will be less concerning thanks to an effort that will arrive at the right time. Don't despair.


This Monday the stars push greater care of your health. There’s a lot you can do in order to improve, but especially by paying attention to your moods and trauma, or childhood grief.

The important thing is for you to not be discouraged and take the first steps towards healing.

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