Scorpio Horoscope Saturday 2020

Are you aware of your magical powers? - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, October 31, 2020

You're the witch of the zodiac, for this reason you can make the most of this Saturday's astral vibration, use it for your benefit


It’s the most important full moon for your sign, Scorpio.  This wonderful moon in Taurus takes place in your area pertaining to relationships and, for this reason, it promises to finalize matters that had you worried or uneasy in your love life, and which will unfold just as expected.

You’ve experienced several problems over the past few days have led you to understand the changes that are needed in your life. Today’s the moment that will prove to you that the other person is just as important as you are. There’s no way of being a happy couple if the scales aren't balanced between you.

Celebrating this special night will help you encounter your wishes.


It’s a special day to carry out some rituals which propitiate abundance. In the past it was the time for the last harvest, and it coincides with the sun’s transit through your sign.

Scorpio, you know more about endings than anyone else, understanding that when you get to a phase in your life you need to say “thank you” and leave behind what’s not good for you, can help you take a step aside from professional matters which impede your progress.

It’s a good day to ask your ancestors for the help you need in order to progress in your life. A white candle, a lovely bouquet of wildflowers, these are ways in which you can pay homage to your loved ones.

Being in harmony with ancestral and terrestrial forces, the four elements of our planet, air, water, earth and fire, is the best route towards abundance. Don’t neglect your magical skills and the control over your life.

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This Saturday the favourable astral influences improve persistent symptoms or ailments. You’ll feel whole and in harmony.

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