Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday

The simplicity of your heart will be your shield - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, March 31, 2021

You feel vulnerable although you're stronger than ever, emotional sensitivity will affect your physical wellbeing


The moon in your sign in a good aspect with Neptune in Pisces favours this sign’s love life, especially those born in the third decan, who will be very emotional and soft-hearted.

You might shower your partner with loving words. If you’re currently single, today your words might attract someone very close to you.

This is not a good time to resume relationships that are going through a rough patch or a moment of distance. On the contrary, this distance will give you the space you need to evaluate where you truly stand with regards to this relationship. Taking this planetary energy and using it in your favour is a great choice, Scorpio.

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This Wednesday the stars push you to give your all at work, to show how much you know and be admired for your skill.

You’ll have to strengthen your self-confidence in order to face the challenges at work with the strength of your inner power.  Mars in Gemini will give you the strength you need.

This Wednesday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 33. This is a master number that indicates your ability to look after your family, your attitude will brighten up the lives of your close surroundings. You’ll be an example of support, progress and generosity and this energy will return to you whenever you need it. Be confident in life’s processes.


The transit of the moon through your sign increases your sensitivity and affects your digestion.

You might feel the need to start a diet where you not only look after your weight by also the health of your body and gut as a whole.

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