Your Scorpio Horoscope for December 31st

Your Scorpio prediction for Saturday, December 31st, 2022

Scorpio, the Daily Horoscope encourages you to speak openly about what makes you feel bad. Complexes will disappear as soon as you mention them.


Scorpio, overcoming complexes is an individual job. However, you can talk about it with your partner so that they understand what's happening to you.

Keep in mind that if somebody loves you, it's because they accept you as you are. What you see as insecurity could be a great attraction for them.

If you're single, you'll go to a get-together where you'll meet your crush. You might tremble all over, but it'll be out of sheer excitement.

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Somebody close is very keen to pursue expensive studies. Scorpio, you know they're totally out of their reach, and you'll be their guardian angel. It won't take you long to make their dreams come true.

Your electricity bill could be higher than you expect. Try to be cautious and keep some money in reserve just in case.


Scorpio, the addition of a new member of staff is unsettling. You have irrational doubts and fears.

You think they could threaten your position and have labeled them as a rival to be defeated. You've chosen the wrong path, and you know it.

Partners should be united and supportive. Get to know them and help them integrate into the team.  


They'll offer you some nice words. Scorpio, don't be surprised if you receive an emotional message from a close friend or a song dedicated to you.

Somebody needs to tell you how much they love you.


Today's Scorpio Horoscope suggests you be careful with public toilets. Generally, these places don't have adequate hygienic conditions.

Try not to leave your belongings on the floor and don't lean on the seat.

Bacteria spread everywhere. Thorough handwashing with soap will ensure that you don't take germs home with you.