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A different night closes this year - Scorpio Horoscope for Thursday, December 31, 2020

Look after your material matters on this special day, a potential loss might affect your mood


The established order of things is disrupted, and you might start looking for problems where there are none. You’ll get angry over trivialities and this won’t be a good idea, so you should try not to get carried away by the confusing and intense astral energy.

You wouldn’t want to let it spoil your celebrations, Scorpio, embracing the enjoyment of your daily life will be great. This is the celebration of the end of the year, a time where nothing should darken your mind or heart.

Share this day with your loved ones and say goodbye with an open heart to the good and bad times you went through during this strange and complex year.

If you’re single you shouldn’t be discouraged, an exceptional night awaits which will close an incredible year.

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You’re likely to see your savings vanish due to a bad manoeuvre which you should learn from, rather than regret. Having to face unexpected expenses due to poor management or even bad luck is always bad news.

Look after your personal possessions, don't get distracted while driving and check your available credit if you're going to make purchases, you wouldn’t want to accidentally contract debt.

It’s better to purposely start a new financial model, chat with you family, it might be the beginning of a new undertaking, it will set the wheel of abundance into motion and it will take you to a place of greater wealth.


If you’re going to spend a lot of time standing or if you're going to a meeting and you’ll spend the night dancing, going from one place to the next, then you should be mindful of the shoes you’ll wear. If your shoes are uncomfortable it will show on your face, and this won’t help bring out your natural charm. Don’t sacrifice your comfort for fashion, it makes no sense nowadays.

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