Scorpio Horoscope Monday 2020

Great energies support your dreams - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, August 31, 2020

If you focus on your priorities, you'll feel the universe supports all your dreams of growth


Today the stars indicate good energy which accompanies Scorpios.

Love won’t take long to arrive for you if you listen to your soul's whispers. There’s someone nearby waiting for you to tear down your walls and lower your arms so they can love you and give you everything within their reach. You won’t always have a love that is so willing to put up with so much indifference.

Many Scorpios will be surprised by a romantic gesture at home today.  A bouquet of flowers, a cake, or simply a note on the table, these are gestures which are characteristic of the reigning astral energies. You’ll feel your heart beating fast.  These small gestures are what makes your daily life worthwhile.


Today the influence of the Sun in the methodical and practical sign of Virgo will save you from potential mistakes caused by daydreaming and creative fantasies.

Many might be in charge of leading projects or businesses which are starting to grow and their positive and optimistic projection can lead to great mistakes if they don’t let this energy which sees the bigger picture take care of evidencing the little crevices which might bring the whole thing crashing down.

Regarding your money, a friend who is in a pickle will ask for your help, if you can do it, you’ll be rewarded by the universal flow of abundance which will give you so much more. You know well that not everything has a price and that money can’t buy good friends.

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You’ll be predisposed to problems with your feet and legs.  You’ll have to be careful. The astral influences expose you to concussions which can restrict your freedom of movement. Wear sensible footwear to avoid pain and discomfort in your ankles and heels.

If you’re flat-footed or have bunions, seek professional help to stop the problem from escalating.

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