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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Friday, September 30th, 2022

Scorpio, your willpower should be a springboard for building momentum


Scorpio, your Horoscope wants you to leave caution behind to get closer to those big eyes you've been pining for. As soon as possible, get closer to that special individual who has appeared. Although they're doing whatever they can to wait for you, they're about to take off in the opposite direction.

If you and your partner have already found a nest to find refuge in, it's time for you to consider more serious steps. Perhaps by this time next year, you'll be changing nappies?

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The Daily Horoscope says you have to prove to yourself that you're prepared to run the household budget, Scorpio. Today you've already decided which supermarket best suits your taste and your finances. But knowing how to manage a household's money is much more than that.

You have the necessary resources at your disposal to overcome this situation. It all depends on the effort you put into it.


Scorpio, your Horoscope warns you that you're going to get an earful from a superior. Don't be discouraged when you hear what they say, they'll blame you for certain cases, but they'll do it in a private and respectful way. Take it as a wake-up call not to make similar mistakes in the future.

This, far from bringing you down, should help you to be more professional.


Scorpio, you should give your friends your full attention. There are many who feel you're being distant, your new job is draining you. Take advantage of the weekend to have some fun, like you used to.


Today's Horoscope advises you to banish fast food from your daily diet, Scorpio. You've overindulged enough since the beginning of the week. Your stomach feels heavy, your muscles are tired and you even find it harder to sleep at night.

All this is due to the high-fat food you've been eating so often these days.