The Scorpio sign

Your life becomes more prominent - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, November 30, 2020

Today you're ready to advance your feelings and enjoy an infinitely passionate romance


It’s the full moon in Gemini and you have a special day ahead of you.  The light of the stars will give a special shine to Scorpio’s sex life.

If you’ve been going through a period of clashes and money-related problems in your relationship, something will change after a long learning cycle.

You’ve reached a point where you can give each other what you need without reproaches and without holding back. Being able to reach an understanding in your cohabitation will only enhance desire and increase the excitement you feel when you see each other and when you touch each other’s skin.

If you're currently single, the new moon brings you a unique ability to give yourself, this vibration will bring you someone special.

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Today your instinct will outweigh your logic, leading you to take a risk that would seem excessive to those who work with you, but which might bring advantages to your professional life.

Today you’ll stand out because of your intuition, listening to your hunches will save you from a serious problem.

If you work in the stock exchange or in administration, you’ll have success and recognition, Scorpio.

If you’ve entered a public tender, you’ll receive great news.

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Your natural attraction towards the paranormal can cause great anxiety for you, which would be very detrimental to your health.

If you’ve learned too much about your potential future through the runes or the tarot, you’ll need to give your mind a break from so much information, otherwise insomnia and anxiety can wreak havoc on your health.

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