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Your Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Monday, May 30, 2022

Scorpio, transition periods are demanding


Scorpio, your horoscope sees you have a worry that's eating you up and doesn't let you live peacefully.

Maybe you should finally talk to your partner to confess what has been worrying you for some days now. Remember that this is also important for you to be honest with yourself and to grow personally.

It's possible that you're discovering that you don't like it as much as you should. You're questioning what you planned with more hope than realism.


The Daily Horoscope says it's normal for uncertainty to bother you as job changes are very critical periods. Remember to keep your morale high at this time and distract yourself while a new job opportunity appears.

You're reminded, Scorpio, that you're worth millions and you're just going through a bad patch. You can be satisfied if you manage to leave your credit card at home today. It'll help you to save a little so that money doesn't disappear so quickly.


Scorpio, if you're working today, it's possible that you'll be offered to develop a new extension of the brand you work for. This could also be because they have thought of you as an occasional contributor. But as a permanent employee, you'll do an outstanding job.

The Horoscope sees this new job expectation may make you consider a mortgage that will surprise your partner. The future you long for living together could be just a stone's throw away.


Today's Horoscope sees a possible reconciliation in sight that will have you out celebrating, Scorpio. Be careful of having a few drinks too many. The stars have bad vibes if you risk getting behind the wheel today with a little alcohol in your blood.

Lack of reflexes could prove fatal today if you're not responsible.

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