The sign of Scorpio in half a purple circle

You'll project your dreams with like-minded people - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Good chats with colleagues will stimulate your creativity and you'll be able to find incredible solutions to your material matters


The moon favors you with its water sign energies, making space for your love life on the most intimate and private of levels.

The mood might be sweeter and more melancholy than usual, and you’ll try to be understood in a different way from what you usually request from your partner.  A conversation regarding your childhood might lead to unusual observations about your life and family. Perhaps the time has come to properly value certain aspects or people around you which you always dismissed as unimportant, today you’ll discover their attributes.

Those who are single will be able to enjoy the company of friends, memories, anecdotes and fun tales which will bring make your Wednesday very enjoyable.

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Don’t discard getting together with friends with similar goals so you can join strengths and pool resources. There’s a lot to invent although the social trend might be complex. Scorpio, you’re very creative and this has a value that you’ve not learned to make the most of yet.

The presence of Venus in Sagittarius pushes you towards your dreams without fear or hesitation, stop beating around the bush, seek your own thing and give yourself the licenses you need to ignore the suggestions or advice which might undermine your self-confidence.

The astral tendencies show an inclination to favor teamwork. Use them in your favor.

Today’s lucky number is 14. This number proposes that you be more harmonious and patient, handling your matters with joy might lead to a very positive business deal. Business will be favored.


This Wednesday the stars indicate stable energy for Scorpio.  The most important thing will be to look after your energy and not let the bad vibes of your work environment affect you.


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