Scorpio Horoscope Sunday 2020

Loves of every colour - Scorpio Horoscope for Sunday, August 30, 2020

Good astral energy will favour good exchanges with relatives and romantic interests


The stars will bring Scorpio wonderful influences for their love and sex life on this last Sunday of August.

Many who are single will have a night where they’ll possess a unique charm and where they’ll vibrate outstanding seduction and sensuality. Thanks to a friend you might meet someone with whom you’ll enjoy a fleeting romance, which will be very intense, nevertheless.

Dedicating part of your days to your loved ones can help you stabilize your feelings. You might have a kind conversation with a grandparent where they’ll give you relevant information about your family history. Keep your ears open, there aren’t many opportunities to gather information about your family tree.


It’s a perfect day to imagine development on matters you want to see fulfilled over the next few days by making the most of the good planetary flows you’re enjoying this Sunday. You’ll feel your heart’s deepest desires can easily come true. There’s a halo of creative magic in your life today.

Magic is in your hands if you believe in it, you’ll need to sit down in a comfortable position, in the quiet of your bedroom or in a forest or garden, and meditate with your eyes closed on your real need of abundance and material growth. Through your intuition, you’ll know if you’re depriving yourself of something you deserve or which should already be a fact, or if, on the contrary, it’s no longer a part of your dreams.

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Your legs can show signs of fatigue or tiredness, but not because of movement, but because you spend too much time sitting down. It could also be due to circulation problems. Drink plenty of water to favour lymphatic drainage.

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