Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Believing in your intuition will give you protection - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Looking after yourself in every aspect will open a new path for you, letting positive energy flow


The stars encourage you to trust in your intuition, to have the certainty that you’re on the path of growth, strengthening your relationship.  You’re going through a phase of confidence in your emotional resources and, for this reason, you can face any conflicts which arise without despairing or imposing your will on a whim. There will be moments of romance and intense passion.

Some people hide behind a facade of affection when, in truth, they have become your enemies, don’t show any concern, on the contrary, be polite and take your leave without giving any explanations, Scorpio.

Those who are single will be faced with the right energy to meet new people among whom a special love might be hiding.


Today the stars show potential promotions, raises or a new path to follow with responsibilities which you thought you couldn’t tackle. You’ll have to find the tools to tackle a whole new world in your professional field.

Scorpio, if you're unemployed you might get an important offer or proposal, perhaps a proposal that takes you down the path of professional autonomy, collaborating on an independent project wasn’t in your agenda but it could be a very tempting offer.

This Tuesday is perfect to shine and show your worth, Scorpio, with patience and supported by your inner power.

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Do you feel the benefits of having changed your routines?  The good thing about setting out to change is that every time you improve a habit for the sake of your physical or mental wellbeing, you release hormones which benefit you. Make Kibalion’s law of attraction work for you. An action has a reaction and the change improves your health and silhouette.

But you shouldn't neglect your mental health, restrictions can’t be excessive if you want to feel whole and balanced.

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