Scorpio Horoscope Friday 2020

Body and soul will rejoice at once - Scorpio Horoscope for Friday, July 3, 2020

The stars promote all matters of the heart, synchronising your heart and your desire to the same rhythm


The moon is in the fire element of Sagittarius, it will connect you with your need to move forward with your project and relationships.  If you’re in a committed relationship you shouldn’t hesitate to communicate your feelings and needs to your beloved. This attitude can only create improvements in your relationship. You’ll become stronger together and you’ll manage to smooth over the differences that were pushing you apart.

Venus in Gemini will be motivated by the lunar presence and it will enhance the sex life of Scorpio. Prepare yourself for a very special Friday where your body and soul will beat in unison.

Scorpios who are single will enjoy seducing during a social event they’ve been invited to. If you want to start a new relationship, you’ll have to lower your expectations. The ideal found in fairy tales doesn't exist.


Today Scorpios will be able to experience some doubts regarding their job stability. If you’re employed, you’ll suffer the insecurity characteristic of the astral aspects in the area pertaining to service and employments. Mars will get dangerously close to the planetoid Chiron and will threaten your work integrity and that of your colleagues. Keeping your head up and collaborating with everything that arises will lead to ultimate success.

Don't feel down. If you can offer an optimistic outlook to those around you, you’ll manage to let energy flow and, with it, the feeling of accomplishment and prosperity.

Careful! Today is not a good day to borrow or to lend money.


The astral influence on the health of Scorpios is positive this Friday.  You feel you have a lot of energy available. Vitality and eroticism are a part of your nature and today the deployment of these characteristics will be noticeable.