Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday

A positive mindset will be essential - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, February 3, 2021

You need to forgive yoursef and others in order to live happily and in harmony, let go of grudges and move forward


Today the moon will enter your sign, Scorpio, and for this reason you’ll have greater emotional availability, you’ll be more alert to your own feelings and to those of your loved ones.

You’d like to seek refuge within you and be at peace, at night might be the best moment of the day where you’ll have sufficient silence to find peace and stability.

There might be conflicts and differences of opinion at home, regarding a problem that you’ll have to solve urgently. Scorpios who are married will feel very overwhelmed.

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You’re likely to experience troubles at work. There’s a possibility for a radical change of job. You’d like to start over in a different activity, but you know that it can cause problems with your family. This isn’t an easy time for you to get approval from the women at home.

The best thing you can do is face your problems instead of opposing them, this way you’ll achieve better conditions in your environment to achieve your goals. You’re great at regenerating and can turn every clash or conflict into the opportunity for growth you were looking for.


You need to avoid anger. Wrath and negative feelings can severely damage your health.

Learning to control your thoughts and not judging your past so harshly will make you improve in all aspects. Let bygones be bygones, Scorpio.

You need to find enjoyment in the small things in life. Watch the morning sun, the flight of a butterfly, or stop to smell the roses, this way you’ll feel grateful for life. There’s a lot to enjoy if you stop to live in the present.

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