Scorpio Horoscope Monday 2020

Intimacy will be increased - Scorpio Horoscope for Monday, August 3, 2020

You'll want to be in quiet contemplation evaluating your situation and the steps t take


Scorpio, this Monday you’ll struggle more than usual to leave the comfort and refuge of your home. You’ll have to make an effort to leave your nest and face the situations of your professional life.

For many Scorpios, this Monday will mark a pivotal point in their lives. A conversation with someone very important in their lives will leave them between a rock and a hard place. Without a doubt you might be faced with a subject that’s delicate and tricky, you might feel this brings up past emotional issues. It will be the time to make a definitive move in the relationship.

Single Scorpios have a lot to experience today. You’ll struggle to discover the desires hidden behind an apparent friendship. Sexuality will be a very important drive for showing yourself just as you are, without pretence or façades. Dare to try it.


Many will be anxiously awaiting the results of a sale or the letting of a property.  Today you should keep an eye on your email, Scorpio, positive news are coming.

When you try to turn your financial life around, you often find yourself before limitations or obstacles which are hard to overcome. There are many conditionings working against you, you need to learn to reset your thoughts, otherwise you’ll miss a chance to achieve the success you desire.

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When your daily life becomes tricky, one can lose their perception of their daily actions. You might feel you’re floating aimlessly, losing the direction of your mental goals. For this reason, Scorpio, enhancing your connection with the divine and connecting with your spiritual side could be a great option.