Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday

Today you mindfully build your future - Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday, April 3, 2021

The planetary aspects will push you to be objective and envision your future together with your loved ones


Scorpios have been subjected to big tests lately when it comes to their home and family.  Through specific situations you’ve been learning that perhaps what you thought was right isn’t as accepted by those who live with you, or who you deal with on a daily basis.

Don’t argue with anyone, otherwise, you’ll make matters worse, and your pain will grow.

Scorpio, you need to calmly talk about those attitudes, ask to be taken into account, to have your efforts and feelings taken into consideration in order to new and happier agreements with all those involved. It will be great to build a life together.

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The presence of the sun in your area of employment could cause a tendency to look at problems in too much detail. You might be finding problems where there aren’t any, and creating anxiety.

Meditate on what you want and try to find a more realistic situation that helps you open up to change. Trust in your inner wisdom.

This special Saturday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 101, this number is very powerful, and it contains the magic of dreams come true. If you’re going through a rough patch, you’ll soon find a way to steer your professional life down a good path.


Have you been watching your weight? If you’re one of those who can’t seem to shift their weight, today is a great day to find the perfect diet. This is a tricky moment in your life and your body is just reflecting the imbalance you’re suffering.

Gluttony and anxiety are very bad for you. Start a change today. Ditch sweets and saturated fats, reduce your portions and drink abundant water to stay hydrated.

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