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Wait before you act - Scorpio Horoscope for Tuesday, December 29, 2020

If you swap a pastry for some fruit your body will thank you for it, your digestion will improve


This Tuesday where the year is on its last legs, you're likely to feel the sorrow in your soul become greater.  The way others speak to you doesn’t help. There’s something hurtful in your partner’s words, a part of your heart feels your needs are not being taken into account. It’s time to make yourself be heard. The moon in Cancer supports all water signs and gives you the necessary sensitivity to express your doubts.

It's a planetary transit which will help you take your feelings seriously and to express them in such a way you feel you're being taken into account.

If you’re going through a moment of difficulty you shouldn’t allow yourself to fall into a melancholy state but seek out those who inspire you with their positivity.

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Scorpios are very intuitive people when it comes to their surroundings and what goes on behind their backs. You won’t struggle at all discovering if the words of a partner are honest.  Using a more cordial and simple manner in order to make yourself understood is one of this Tuesday’s challenges for many Scorpios.

If you're looking for a new position, perhaps now is not the time, this week you shouldn't insist on a search which could bring you more frustration than anything else.


The stars indicate a harmful tendency to be carried away by gluttony. Pastries, junk food and fizzy drinks might make all of your past efforts go down the drain in just a few hours.

Intense feelings might lead to episodes of anxiety and anguish, and they could lead to a search for satisfactions which will not be fulfilled through food, Scorpio.

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