Scorpio Horoscope Wednesday 2020

You're beaming full of energy! - Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Being careful with excess and managing your energy will be more fruitful than you think


Regarding Scorpio’s love life this Wednesday, there’s a forecast of romantic energy and new ways of expressing what you and your partner feel.  The moon and Neptune make a conjunction in a good aspect with the sun, and it will especially affect those born in the third decan.

Poetry or gifts, giving flowers, an invitation to a romantic dinner by candlelight, a walk in the moonlight, these things might enhance your feelings and strengthen your love bond.

Those who have children can enjoy the great love they feel for them by sharing a conversation where they can reveal their dreams and longings.


Mercury continues in your sign, and it can cause forgetfulness and distraction that can cause problems in the short-term, especially for those born in the first decan.  A loss might occur due to carelessness.

Scorpios don’t tend to be easily distracted, on the contrary, they're usually very sharp and pay attention to everything that’s happening around them. Nothing escapes Scorpio’s keen eyes. For this reason, you’ll be surprised to find yourself at fault in a matter which required your keen intellect.

Today the stars indicate discordant energy on money-related matters. For this reason, you shouldn’t make investments or payments unless they're essential. If you can leave large purchases for another day, then it will be better for your finances.

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This Wednesday the stars indicate very food flows in terms of the health of the children of Pluto. Your excess of vitality can lead to you making risky manoeuvres when exercising or doing chores. Be careful and avoid the small accidents which could damage your bones and joints.